Manly Vale

Site establishment and early work for a new multi-level commuter car park at the intersection of Condamine Street and Kenneth Road began in March 2017. The new car park will provide approximately 150 car parking spaces.

There will be new northbound and southbound B-Line bus stops on Condamine Street, north of Kenneth Road, featuring weather protection, seating and real-time information.

Site establishment and early work for a new multi-level commuter car park at the intersection of Condamine Street and Kenneth Road began in March 2017. The new car park will provide approximately 150 car parking spaces.

There will be new northbound and southbound B-Line bus stops on Condamine Street, north of Kenneth Road, featuring weather protection, seating and real-time information.

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  • Hi i live in the unit black adjacent to the future carpark. I currently park on the street right outside where the carpark will be. I know it will effect where I park I am curious as to how much. Or would i be able to park in the carpark its self?? Depending on the carpark opening and closing hours? If the carpark has a fee to use? And the height/clearance of the carpark as I drive a van with ladders on top with a height of 2.3m. Hopefully I'm not going to be completely out of luck.

    Dan asked 5 days ago

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your enquiry. With the introduction of B-Line, the new high frequency and reliable bus service connecting Mona Vale to Wynyard, there will also be six new car parks, providing up to 900 new car spaces for commuters. The carparks will provide accessible parking, bike racks or sheds. Each carpark has been designed for public transport customers to easily connect to a nearby transport hub or B-Line stop.

    The new commuter car park at Manly Vale is scheduled to open in 2018. It will be in operation  24hours a day, 7 days a week. The height clearance for the car park will be two metres, so unfortunately your van may be too high to access the car park. Some of the new commuter car parks will require the use of an Opal Card to access the car park. Any fee structure or Opal Card requirement is yet to be determined for the new Manly Vale commuter car park. We will keep you informed of any updates.

    Once the new car park is open, motorists will no longer be able to park along the northern side Kenneth Road as a new lane will be built outside of the new car park.

    I hope this answers your questions.



  • How will cars leaving the Manly Vale car park and wishing to go north along Condamine Street get from the car park into Condamine Street

    Daitch19 asked 9 days ago

    Hi Daitch 19,

    Thank you for your question. To go north along Condamine St, you will be able to turn left out of the car park onto Kenneth Rd, do a u-turn at the Roseberry St roundabout and then turn right onto Condamine St.

    I hope this information is useful. Feel free to contact our project team again if you have any further questions.


  • Why can't a dedicated right hand turn light be installed to guide traffic turning right from Kenneth road onto condamine st to head north ASAP? Turning right is a nightmare as you have to wait for oncoming traffic to enter the intersection coming over a dip that slows them down. You then also have to wait for passengers disembarking from a bus to cross the road using the lights. By the time they cross, the lights have often turned red not giving traffic turning right to go. Only a few cars can sometimes make the right hand turn with many more having to wait for the next light change just to get a chance to turn Right! Traffic is then banked up in Roseberry St and also east of the roundabout on Kenneth Rd. With Aldi taking up residence in Roseberry st soon adding even more cars to the already congested area, why not introduce this dedicated right hand turning light now? Traffic frustrations mean more road rage and people taking risks putting us all in danger. This needs to be addressed now before the b-line comes into being. Send someone out at 5pm to experience this. It's a whole lot different to Warriewood!

    Tsp612 asked 4 months ago

    Hi there

    A dedicated right turn lane is being constructed as part of B-Line road infrastructure upgrades. This will allow drivers to turn from Kenneth Road north bound onto Condamine Street, addressing the issues you have raised.

    Thank you for your question!

    ~ Jacqui

  • What are the assumptions used for traffic modelling for the scenario after the car park has been built? What is the outflow rate from the car park (cars per hour peak) and what proportion of those cars are assumed to be leaving the car park to travel North on Condamine St (ie will be turning left out of the car park, doing a U-turn around the roundabout and then turning right at the traffic lights onto Condamine)? What are those assumptions based on (ie what surveys have been carried out into the origins/destinations of those parking cars and catching buses currently).

    kingo asked over 1 year ago

    Hi kingo

    Information about possible impacts from the operation of a commuter car park at the preferred Manly Vale location is available in the Manly Vale Commuter Car Park and B-Line stops Traffic and Transport Assessment.

    The profile of commuter car park users was determined by GHD in a separate demand analysis assessment. A summary is provided in the linked document above.

    The arrival and departure profiles in the assessment are guided by travel patterns at the Warriewood Rugby Park car park, with morning times adjusted considering Manly Vale's proximity to the city.

    The assessment suggested that 68 vehicles would leave the car park in the afternoon peak, with 33 estimated to make a u-turn.

    The assessment considers the series of intersection improvements planned as part of the B-Line program, and concludes that with these works "the roundabout is predicted to perform at existing levels or better".

    ~ Neil

  • With City-bound buses currently stopping at Manly Vale every 2 minutes during the peak am period, how can bus numbers and passenger numbers be increased, bearing in mind bigger buses take longer to load?

    kingo asked over 1 year ago

    The B-Line program aims to provide a more frequent and reliable bus service for customers travelling between the Northern Beaches and the Sydney CBD, with services planned to run every five minutes during morning and afternoon peak periods. 

    It is hoped these improvements will encourage commuters who currently drive to instead catch the bus.

    The Northern Beaches bus service plan, currently being finalised and considering the implementation of the B-Line, will result in some changes to local services. These changes will be communicated in the coming months.

    It is recognised that double-decker buses may have longer loading times. In order to maximise reliability and service improvements, the program team is looking at ways to safely minimise these periods.

    ~ Neil

  • Can you quantify the positive v negative responses from the community consultation? If the overwhelming community response is negative, why is the proposal still going ahead?

    kingo asked over 1 year ago

    Feedback received throughout our initial consultation period was considered during preparation of the REF, and also led to a formal feasibility assessment of an additional site at Manly Vale.

    A submission report, containing comments received throughout the public display period and TfNSW responses, will be made publicly available in the coming months.

    ~ Neil

  • Bearing in mind the enormous cost, the compounding effect on grid-locked traffic at Kenneth / Roseberry Rds (of both the building and operation of the car park) and the unanimous community opposition, what cheaper, more effective and acceptable alternatives are being considered? (eg. 2 buses could collect the 150 car users; residents' parking and 4-hour parking restrictions would alleviate local parking concerns).

    kingo asked over 1 year ago

    Hi kingo

    A series of road improvement works on Kenneth Road are planned as part of the B-Line program, which should alleviate some of the existing congestion.

    Several sites were formally assessed in two feasibility studies to determine a preferred option for a commuter car park at Manly Vale.

    The preferred option, at the Casey's Toys site on the corner of Condamine Street and Kenneth Road, was selected for reasons including its larger area of kerbside space for bus infrastructure and the opportunity to maximise the use of an underutilised site.

    ~ Neil

  • I have four questions. (1) According to your own ARUP study of traffic impacts, modelling on the performance of the Kenneth Rd/ Rosebery St intersection was NOT done, rather data from the Balgowlah Industrial Estate Rezoning report was used instead. When will proper performance modelling be done on this intersection? It is not enough to use data from another study! While the figures quote around a 4% increase in traffic volumes at this intersection (say 60 to 75 cars) this misses the point that the intersection is already at SATURATION and has NO ability to accommodate any more traffic. If the consultants had indeed visited the site during an AM or PM peak or Weekend peak they would have observed this for themselves. (2) Why are there only road /parking improvements being proposed for the Condamine St / Kenneth Rd intersection and not the Kenneth Rd /Rosebery St roundabout? For example some parking spaces could be removed along Rosebery St or other sections of Kenneth Road to help traffic flow, particularly if these places were being replaced in the new carpark. (3) Thirdly, I notice from your traffic study that you attribute a fair amount of traffic from Manly Vale (both sides of Condamine St) as potential users of the new parking station. Our family and many other people in Manly Vale currently park in unrestricted places and catch the bus at King St bus stop. There has never been an issue finding a car place, say on Innes Rd or Sunshine St so why would these people change this behaviour? (4) Finally, will the new car park be free? I look forward to your answers to all of these questions and I hope you encourage your consultants to see the project site for themselves before making any further recommendations, regards Erica Griffiths.

    Erica asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Erica

    Thanks for your questions.

    The assessment you mention recognises the existing congestion and the planned improvements at Kenneth Road, which includes some kerb realignment and road widening, an additional turning lane into Condamine Street, changes to traffic light sequencing and other related modifications to the existing pedestrian crossings are planned to relieve existing congestion. 

    The assessment stated that with these improvements, performance of the roundabout is predicted to perform at existing levels or better.

    While you may choose to continue to utilise untimed parking at other areas and catch local services, by offering a new, more frequent service with increased reliabililty, parking at the commuter car park and catching the B-Line is another option.

    The current Transport for NSW policy if for free, untimed parking.

    ~ Neil

  • Is an entrance and exit to a carpark in an already over congested Kenneth road seriously the best option for this carpark? There will be foot traffic crossing there, then add traffic turning left into Kenneth Road and right from Condamine Street? So you exit left from carpark and then wait to go right onto the round about to get back onto Condamine Street or go all the way back down to Campbell Street just to go north? Any alternatives ?

    Bazlowski asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Bazlowski

    As part of our proposed works at Manly Vale, we're aiming to improve current congestion through measures including road widening, the provision of an additional turning lane from Kenneth Road into Condamine Street and changes to traffic light sequencing.

    The Manly Vale Commuter Car Park and B-Line stops Traffic and Transport Assessment, produced by ARUP in March, concluded that "with the upgrades, the Kenneth Road / Condamine Street intersection is able to accommodate the additional traffic generated from the project".

    The assessment looks specifically at the roudabout you mention, stating that "with the completion of the project, performance of the roundabout is predicted to perform at existing levels or better".

    ~ Neil

  • I applaud the Northern Beaches finally getting a decent public transport solution, but am disappointed to see it still catering to cars with this car park. Surely the premise of public transport is to get cars off our roads and reduce short local trips, not make it easier to drive round the corner. These car park plans seem quite advanced but there is still no firm details on the connecting local cycle lanes. Please can you tell us what plans for dedicated separated cycle lanes and bike parking there are to this Manly Vale stop.

    Hank asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Hank 

    Commuter car parks at Mona Vale, Warriewood, Narrabeen, Dee Why, Brookvale and Manly Vale will provide around 900 spaces adjacent to B-Line stops, encouraging commuters who currently drive between the Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD to park and ride.

    Bicycle parking will be provided at or near all B-Line stops. The program also includes improvements to bicycle and pedestrian links around each stop. More information about the layout of bicycle parking facilities and new paths will be clarified in the detailed design process and promoted on our website in the coming months.

    ~ Neil

  • Bunnings and Woolworths and new residential units have already created chaos at the roundabout at Roseberry & Kenneth which is made worse by the lights on Condamine street. Where would the entrance and exit for the carpark be and how would traffic flow from all these competing roads be managed?

    Lee asked over 1 year ago

    Hi Lee

    The car park entrance/exit would be on Kenneth Road and would be left in, left out only. Road works including kerb realignment, road widening and other modifications to the road at the intersection of Kenneth Road and Condamine Street are proposed as part of the program to provide an additional turning lane from Kenneth Road into Condamine Street.

    ~ Alison

  • Consideration should be given to restricted parking in Roseberry & Kooralla Streets to allow local resident parking, at times of commuter over-flow, etc Probably a local or council issue, but a move towards placing a roundabout at the corner of Kooralla & Roseberry would slow traffic down, especially as this route is being used more as a speedy "rat-run". And then we would need a set of traffic lights for correct traffic flow at the corner of Roseberry & Kenneth. And the list goes on...

    JKeith asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi JKeith 

    We are currently looking at ways, including possible changes to parking conditions and possible alterations to lane configurations on Kenneth Road, to ensure there is minimal impact to traffic conditions from the operation of the new commuter car park.

    ~ Neil

  • What changes (if any) will be made to parking arrangements in the kerbside lanes in both north and south directions in the section of Condamine St from Gordon St to Kenneth Rd? (FYI a section of 24 hour clearway was implemented in March 2015 from Innes Rd to Koorala St without clear reasoning that has impacted parking in Manly Vale)

    LRose asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi LRose

    There is no proposal to create 24 hour bus lanes in front of businesses located on Condamine Street, Manly Vale, as part of the Northern Beaches BRT program.
    The project team is still considering whether the B-Line service would benefit from extending the bus lane hours of operation in the northbound direction from 7pm to 8pm. 

    We are aware that there are a number of businesses on Condamine Street that operate between 7pm and 8pm, and we will approach those businesses to discuss this matter and receive feedback to consider during the decision making process. 

    ~ Neil

  • After attending the community information session at Manly Vale, I was directed to place comments/questions on this site. My first question is: what is the rationale behind the proposed B-Line bus stop in Manly Vale to be located at Condamine St and Kenneth Rd? (The negative aspects to address are: a) massive congestion already exists in the proposed location b) it is currently not the main bus stop in Manly Vale thus will affect daily commute of many c) It is not in the centre of Manly Vale thus not readily accessible by Manly Vale residents d) it is not co-located near main Manly Vale strip of shops with essential services

    LRose asked almost 2 years ago

    Hi LRose

    The proposed location for the Manly Vale B-Line stops at Condamine Street and Kenneth Road is currently preferred as it provides a greater opportunity to increase use of underutilised sites, and there is a larger area of kerbside space for bus infrastructure when compared with the other option considered, near Innes Road.

    ~ Neil