How will a tidal flow improve traffic flow along Military Road?

The current arrangement along Military Road during the AM peak period generally provides three citybound general traffic lanes in locations without an existing tidal flow system. The citybound direction is effectively constrained to two through-lanes when citybound buses stop at the kerbside to pick up passengers. The tidal flow (lane management) system during AM peak Monday to Friday would provide three uninterrupted traffic lanes (citybound) and allow traffic to pass around buses that have stopped to pick up passengers. 

Will on-street parking be removed from Military Road?

Yes, certain on-street parking on Military Road will need to be removed to enable road infrastructure works. These parking changes are assessed in the Submissions Report for the Spit Bridge to Neutral Bay Road Infrastructure REF. 

Will the B-Line run through North Sydney?

No, the B-Line will run along Spit and Military Road, stopping at Spit Junction and Neutral Bay before heading into the cbd.

Will increased frequency of services mean more congestion through the Harbour Bridge in the mornings?

The Northern Beaches bus service plan is not expected to result in an increase to the number of buses travelling over the Harbour Bridge in the morning peak hours.